Key Achievements

  • Unique management experience gained in complex agency and client side businesses brings a fresh perspective and understanding to the role and provides the key skills needed to review, assess and make informed decisions. Utilising these skills at Morrisons/Kiddicare, Bomarche, as well as John Brown and CodeLondon, built structures, developed resourcing plans and systems that set up these businesses for success in digital and print content
  • Successfully managed the staff resource and structure of businesses throughout my career. Creating appropriate structures ensuring involvement and buy in from all key stakeholders, evidenced by the success at agencies such as CodeLondon and John Brown, and businesses such as Bonmarche, Debenhams, and Isabella Oliver. This success is based on my in-depth knowledge of each business, the departments and interdepartmental connections. Supported by my ability to influence and engage staff, understand staffing requirements and the skills needed to meet the business size and complexity. This was highlighted in the very low staff turnover, particularly in the move from Central to West London after CodeLondon was purchased by John Brown Media in 2006
  • Implementation of systems and processes are a key factor to my success. Streamlined, developed and implemented processes and systems to support the creation of top class creative digital and print content and facilitate the effect and efficient running of the agency. This involved having a clear, in depth understanding of the business across all levels and all departments, ensuring that systems were fit for purpose to enable the teams to consistently deliver high quality creative solutions to clients. E.g. the implementation of Oppolis at John Brown and Pindar CMS system (now called Agility) at GLS Fairway drove process efficiencies, increased profitability through effect staff management and improved overall client management and reporting tools
  • A key player in helping businesses through changes of direction and ownership or business growth. Developing the infrastructure required to meet ever-changing demands from clients and/or end customers. Successfully managed this process, including staff engagement, in the growth of CodeLondon through to new ownership by John Brown; at GLS Fairway in the change from public to private ownership and on a smaller scale at Bonmarche with a changing marketing direction for the business
  • Developed a reputation for excellent financial management skills; setting up estimating processes; working with finance teams on financial reporting and estimating templates; training staff on estimating and cost negotiation. I was a key stakeholder in finance departments systems and process reviews e.g. the selection and implementation of new cost estimating systems and timesheet systems at John Brown. Also, successfully established a network of quality suppliers to support agency activity, building a very high degree of loyalty and support with these suppliers, providing the opportunity for competitive pricing


  • People skills inspiring energy and creativity, creating an environment for staff development and team focus
  • Development of systems and processes that increase efficiencies, understanding business logistics, always ensuring that all staff are included in the journey
  • Management of change as well as ability to understand the complexity of a business
  • Establishing and maintaining strong communication channels across departments and intercompany divisions 
  • Development and implementation of strong financial frameworks
  • Operational management with in depth cross-functional experience in in-house creative departments/divisions and creative departments/divisions and agencies

Key Skills

  • Operational Management
  • Marketing Communications, 
  • Financial Management
  • Project Planning
  • Team Building and Leadership
  • Relationship Management
  • Change Management
  • Problem Solving
  • Staff Development and Mentoring


  • PLC's, SME’s, Venture Capital Businesses, Family Owned Businesses
  • Publishing Agencies, Media, 
  • Retail Businesses - Consumer Brands, Department Stores, Luxury Brands, High Street Brands, 
  • Start-up and Merger Businesses,
  • Catalogues/Online Shopping, B2B


An early career with Polaroid was an introduction to international marketing working closely with the US business on a daily basis. 

Whilst at CodeLondon/John Brown, as a key player in the development and growth of the business I gained significant experience in providing content for a range of well known UK and International brands, as indicated. My global experience was further enhanced working with businesses such as B&Q China, Discovery in South Africa and Amway in Poland and US.

My ability to rise to any new challenge, coupled with my desire to find strategic and innovative solutions to complex problems, makes me a key player to any business. 

Extensive knowledge and experience in the world of content marketing and publishing for many UK and international brands.

In my career I've worked with a number of well known brands:

  • Debenhams, Bonmarche, John Lewis
  • Morrisons/Kiddicare
  • Waitrose, Heal's, Harrods
  • Evans, Dorothy Perkins
  • Superdrug, M&S
  • B&Q, Wickes, Bathstore, Screwfix
  • Disney, Mothercare
  • Manchester United, Fortnum & Mason
  • RS Components, Jessops
  • GOSH, Cancer Research